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Quinn Hopkins, also known by his Anishinaabe name Nigaan Noodin, is an artist who calls Toronto, Turtle Island, his home. Through Noodin Studio, he explores the delicate balance between traditional Indigenous perspectives and contemporary digital mediums. A graduate of OCAD University in Drawing and Painting, Quinn's journey has been one of constant exploration and gentle innovation, drawing on early influences from the Woodland style as well as figures like Andy Warhol.

At the intersection of his Anishinaabe, Métis, and European heritage, Quinn delves into the realm of Indigenous Futurism. His work modestly aspires to add to the cultural resurgence among Ojibwe, Anishinaabe, and Métis peoples, imagining futures where traditions not only survive but thrive.

When the pandemic brought the world to a standstill, Quinn quietly turned inward and began experimenting with Augmented Reality (AR). Far from just a technological novelty, AR became a conduit for storytelling for him. Each AR piece encourages viewer interaction, transforming onlookers into participants in a shared narrative, often centered around urban Indigenous experiences.

The use of 8th Wall technology allows Quinn's work to reach people wherever they are. The goal is simple yet impactful: to invite viewers to engage with his AR artworks within the context of their own territories or ancestral lands, offering an intimate, personal layer to the art experience.

While grateful for the opportunities to showcase his work in exhibitions like BACA 2022 and Ice Follies 2023, Quinn maintains that art should be as accessible as possible. His approach echoes his diverse background, inviting anyone to engage with his art regardless of their cultural or social standing.

In a quietly revolutionary way, Quinn Hopkins is part of a community of artists committed to using the digital realm to bring attention to Indigenous perspectives. His art serves as an understated yet meaningful bridge between old and new, personal and communal, traditional and futuristic. Through Noodin Studio, Quinn hopes to contribute to a larger conversation on art, heritage, and what it means to belong in a complex, ever-changing world.

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