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Does a Bear... (8"x10")

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In "Bear Market" and "Does a Bear...", I'm diving deep into the complicated relationship we humans have with nature. I've used the Woodland School of Art as my jumping-off point to depict black bears navigating a polluted world. Those spirit lines you see? They're there to highlight the bears' deep spiritual ties to the Earth. The image is also a nod to a core memory of mine—seeing bears scavenging at garbage dumps in northern communities, a stark example of how we've encroached on their natural habitats. But I'm not just painting bears and landscapes; I'm tackling big issues like environmental justice and racism. I want to show how capitalist and colonial mindsets are messing up not just marginalized communities but entire ecosystems. So when you look at "Bear Market," you're not just seeing a piece of art; you're getting a nudge to think about your own impact on this planet we all call home.

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